Marilyn Manson Was Convicted Of Imprisoning Women in His House In a Soundproof Room

Rock musician Marilyn Manson was accused of locking women in a soundproof glass room to psychologically torture them, The Rolling Stone reported.

According to the source, it is claimed that this room in the singer’s house in West Hollywood was originally intended for a recording studio. However, Manson later converted it into a space he called the “Bad Girls’ Room.”

Several women who have met the artist over the years stated that he used the facility as “a solitary confinement cell used for psychological torture.”

Those women who were allegedly locked inside noted that the rocker left them there for several hours without the opportunity to get food or water. The victims also said that Manson occasionally bragged about his room to friends.

Westworld actress Evan Rachel Wood reported on Manson’s abuse and humiliation.

A little later, singer Phoebe Bridgers spoke about the existence of a “rape room” in the musician’s house. Later, the artist was accused of rape by the star of “Game of Thrones” Esme Bianco.

More than 10 women have already reported physical and psychological abuse by Manson.

The last post on the singer’s Instagram account was published on February 2, 2021.

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