Matthew McConaughey Shares His Opinion On COVID-19 Vaccination For Children

Matthew McConaughey spoke on one of the most pressing topics today, namely, vaccination against coronavirus. At the recent New York Times online summit, McConaughey said he did not consider it mandatory to vaccinate children against the COVID-19 virus. The actor noted that he and his wife Camila Alves have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus, but so far they do not dare to vaccinate the “younger children” 11y.o. Vida and 8 y.o. Livingston.

“I’ve been vaccinated, My wife’s been vaccinated. We have a high-risk person in our household, my mother, who’s 90 and she’s immune-compromised. … We go slow on vaccinations anyway, even before COVID. ”

“I couldn’t mandate having to vaccinate the younger kids. I still want to find out more information, but I couldn’t mandate – forget just yet, no,” Matthew said.

The opinion of the Hollywood actor on the vaccination of children against the coronavirus has already been commented on by Dr. Vivek Murthy. He stated that the vaccination is harmless to young children, and also contradicted McConaughey’s point of view in favor of vaccination for children.

“Vaccines have shown in these trials for children 5 through 11 they are more [than] 90 percent effective in protecting our kids from symptomatic infection, and they are remarkably safe as well.” Dr. Vivek Murthy said.

Later, the actor posted an image on his Instagram Stories, where he explained that in an interview he was not completely understood right. And that he is not categorically against vaccination for children, confirming that his eldest son Levi Alves, who is 13, is fully vaccinated.

Matthew McConaughey shared his opinion on Covid-19 vaccination for children
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