Netflix Launches Website Ranking the Most-Watched Movies and TV Series of The Week!

Streaming service Netflix has launched the website with its own rating of movies and TV series that can be watched on the platform.

Netflix has launched its own ranking

Netflix has unveiled four main lists, each of which will cover the top ten most-watched titles in categories such as:

  • FILM (English)
  • FILMS ( Non – English)
  • TV ( English)
  • TV ( Non – English)

Each of the 90 countries where the platform operates will have its own rating option, which will be compiled based on the calculation of the time spent by users to view projects.

The listings will be updated weekly.

Netflix also has lists of the most popular movies and TV series in the history of online cinema.

At the moment, the list of the week’s most popular English projects of the platform is headed by “Red Notice”, and from the show, the “Narcos: Mexico: Season 3”. The most popular TV ( Non-English) is headed by “Squid Game: Season 1”.

Earlier it was revealed that the director of “The Squid Game” Hwang Dong-hyuk promised to shoot the second season of the series.

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