Police Investigate Kanye West’s Fight After His Date with Julia Fox

Kanye West is under police investigation for alleged battery.

Shortly before the fight, Kanye was hanging out with his new girlfriend Julia Fox at a party at the Delilah nightclub in West Hollywood, however, later rapper left the club alone.

The moment he leaves the club was captured on video, where we may see how Julia kisses him and returns club alone.

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Law enforcement told TMZ that the incident took place near the Soho Warehouse and the rapper became involved in a fight on the night of Wednesday into Thursday.

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Kanye allegedly pushed another man while the case is now being investigated for battery and could result in up to six months in jail.

Kanye is seen in an angry exchange with two women

An LAPD spokeswoman told The Sun:

“Kanye West is named as suspect in a battery report, no arrests have been made and there are no other details.”

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