Back to Basics: Rapper 6ix9ine Tekashi returns to performing after jail time

In the age of social media, nobody is a stranger to controversy. From small influencers to superstars, nobody is safe from the overbearing power of the internet. While most creators would fear being ‘canceled’ by the internet, some have turned it into a marketing technique.

6ix9ine Tekashi
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6ix9ine Tekashi on top of the charts

6ix9ine Tekashi remains one of the most hated creators in the music industry. Despite the image, the rapper has managed to stay on top of the charts.

From the very beginning, 6ix9ine Tekashi was a wild card. His antics and triggering behavior were well-known to be a marketing gimmick. It was a way to gain attention, fame, and money. While many would argue that it is the worst way to become famous – shooting yourself in the foot almost – Tekashi managed to rise to mainstream fame.

Starting as a SoundCloud rapper like XXXTentacion or Trippe Redd, 6ix9ine Tekashi quickly rose to fame despite what critics called mediocre music and lyrical ability. His constant provocation, and multiple social media fights with big names in the industry pushed him into the spotlight.

After the incredible success of his single ‘Gummo’ along with 15 other tracks on the Billboard list, 6ix9ine Tekashi may not have been loved by the world, but he was successful. Despite the incidents in his past, Tekashi’s life seemed to be going uphill.

Things went south when 6ix9ine Tekashi was arrested on several counts, eight of which he plead guilty to. Tekashi was facing between 32 years to life in federal prison for his alleged involvement with the Nine Trey Gangsters.

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6ix9ine Jail Time

Despite having received jail time, 6ix9ine Tekashi is out due to his health conditions. According to the judge, Tekashi was at risk of being infected with COVID-19 if he continued to stay in prison. The rapper’s asthma makes him more vulnerable to the deadly virus.

Tekashi’s first stop after his stint in prison was an Orlando nightclub. While performing at the club, 6ix9ine Tekashi could be seen jumping into the crowd, where fans desperately grabbed him. After the stunt, security promptly shut down the performance and recovered some of the rapper’s $2 million jewelry from the crowd.

Despite the shock, Tekashi was back performing at the Trillerfest in Miami alongside rappers such as 2Chainz. The controversial artist gave what has been called the best performance of his career, even performing a tribute to fellow deceased rapper XXXtentacion. However, he left the Miami venue with armed security surrounding him. It is safe to say that 6ix9ine Tekashi seems to be on his way to recovering his career, one performance at a time.

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