Rapper Coolio Passed Away – Fellow artists Respond

The shocking loss of rapper Coolio came unexpectedly when he passed away at age 59. Many fellow rappers have shared their condolences for the famous “Gangsta’s Paradise” rapper. He was a well-known and beloved artist within the rap community, and judging by his view count on his latest music video, he will be greatly missed.

What happened to Coolio?

According to his manager, Coolio passed away at his friend’s house on Wednesday. Police pronounced the rapper dead at the scene and reportedly have opened an investigation to determine his cause of death. At this time, it does not seem like foul play was involved in the incident. His manager reports they believe he may have died from a heart attack. However, this is all speculation, and no cause of death has been identified or announced to the public as of 09/29/2022.

Snoop Dogg Weighs In

Snoop Dogg had a close working relationship with Coolio, as evidenced by their collaboration with “The Return Of Gangsta’s” album. Snoop took to Instagram and shared a photo of the two. The caption on his post read “R.I.P,” accompanied by a few emojis.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Pfeiffer also took to Instagram to share her condolences. Her post reads, “Heartbroken to hear of the passing of the gifted artist @Coolio. A life cut entirely too short.” She then tells about her history with the beloved rapper and shares about their collaboration on Dangerous Minds back in 1995. She gave Coolio an honoring statement in which she explained she believes his role is the reason for such great success in their film. She said, “I remember him being nothing but gracious.”

LL Cool J

LL Cool J took to twitter to share his “Love and respect” for the artist and his family. The two have a long standing working relationship that takes them back to 1996 when they worked together on “hit ’em high” for the “Space Jam” film with Michael Jordan.

Flavor Flav was supposed to perform with Coolio next week

Flavor Flav expressed some really tough feelings as he works through processing the loss of “the west coast Flavor Flav.” He took to twitter to share his condolences and share about his love for the artist. Falvor Flav expressed heart break as he shared that the two of them were supposed to perform together on Tuesday.

Melissa Joann Heart

The actress took to Instagram, where she shared a photo of the rapper on her TV show. She writes, ” I had the amazing honor to work and play with @Coolio a few times, and he was always down for a chat, a complete gentleman, and a ton of fun to hang out with. What a loss! Rest In Peace!”

MC Hammer

Mc Hammer left it short and sweet, but the picture he posted is genuinely worth a thousand words. He shared a photo featuring himself, The late rapper coolio, and Tupac, who passed away in 1996. What a powerful statement this image truly makes. We have lost so many of our talented artists at such young ages. It’s truly a tragic reality.

Martain Lawrence

Actor Martain Lawrence posted kind regards to the family and those close to the rapper on his Twitter. This is essential for us all to remember because there is still a family behind this death. Fame has this funny way of leaving us feeling as though these stories are so disconnected from reality, but they’re not. There is a family behind this loss, and they must be grieving heavily.

Coolio worked hard in his Career

As you’re reading through this list of some notable names, take note of how successful this young man indeed was. He worked tirelessly to rise to the top and become the best at what he did. The rapper won 3 MTV awards for his music videos, A Grammy for Best Rap Solo Performer, A Kids Choice Award for the favorite singer, A Billboard Music Award for top 100’s, and an American Music Award for Favorite artist. It’s no secret that this rapper was loved and adored by many. He will truly be missed. We send our deepest condolences to those close to him currently mourning the loss. Rest In Peace, Coolio.

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