Rihanna and A$AP Rocky Shared Their Impressions of Pregnancy

33-year-old Rihanna, along with her beloved ASAP Rocky, attended the underwear presentation on the eve of Valentine’s Day. The singer wore a red leather coat and matching sandals for this event.

Pregnant Rihanna often gets into the paparazzi’s cameras in bright images, showing off her rounded belly.

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The singer was spotted in a red Alaia leather hooded coat and matching sandals this time. Riri tied her hair in a ponytail and made makeup with bright arrows.

Earlier, the star told how her pregnancy was going and admitted that fashion is one of her main hobbies, and she and her boyfriend want to change the idea of ​​​​what it means to be pregnant.

The singer also assured that she plans to return to the creative environment and release more than one hit, despite the birth of a child and successful businesses. Rihanna joked that she did not plan to record a lullaby because her fans would not forgive her for this.

ASAP Rocky also admitted that he is very excited because a new stage has come for him and Rihanna.

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