Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson Board a Private Jet Ahead of New York Fashion Week

Rita Ora, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Benson were spotted getting on a private jet in Van Nuys, ahead of New York Fashion Week.

Rita Ora

The start trio was heading to New York Fashion Week, as both Rita Ora and Benson announced on their Instagram stories from the jet.

Gossip Bae

After boarding the private jet, Rita Ora said on her Instagram story to, ‘share some of my favorite travel essentials with you all!!’

She tagged @ProjectLipOfficial adding, ‘I love your product,’ adding their ‘plumping lip balm’ is her favorite because it’s, ‘filled with collagen.’


Rita Ora/Instagram
Rita Ora/Instagram

‘Honestly, when I’m on a plane, I get so dehydrated, and it really just makes me feel so nice,’ Ora said, adding,’ And also, I just like looking cute.’

She also shared another one of her favorite travel items, her Bask sweater and sweatpants, which she got changed into on the plane.

Rita Ora/Instagram

‘Heading to New York Fashion Week, I am so excited. This is so comfy and cozy to travel in,’ she said. 

Her third and final travel essential was the Hair Shark, which she said she ‘literally cannot live without.’ 

Rita Ora/Instagram

Ashley Benson also shared some of her travel essentials, including Poppi, her, ‘new favorite drink,’ which only has four grams of sugar along with, ‘prebiotics to help gut health’

Ashley Benson/Instagram

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