Rumors about Brad Pitt’s affair with his neighbor denied

After a divorce from Angelina Jolie, Brad prefers to remain silent about his personal life, which provokes the media to look for rumors about possible romances of the Hollywood actor.

Yesterday it was reported that Brad Pitt is dating Swedish singer Lykkeli, but they were not caught together as they are neighbors and can hide their relationship from the paparazzi.

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Rumors about Brad Pitt's affair with his neighbor denied

However, according to Page Six, it convincingly denies the romance rumors.

According to an insider for Page Six, the actor did not see his neighbor, with whom he was credited with an affair, for about 2 years.

And sources close to Brad Pitt said that the actor generally no longer wants to meet famous women and the increased attention of the press prevents the actor from establishing his personal life and that Brad does not like to go on dates.

Perhaps he would like to have a relationship with a non-celebrity woman.

Source: Page Six

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