Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth On The Set Of Sex and the City Sequel

It seems that the creators of the sequel to the series “Sex and the City”, which received the name “AND JUST LIKE THAT”, want to further confuse their fans. New photos from the set appeared on the Internet, in which there were Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth.

In the footage, their characters Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big laughed a lot, held hands, and hugged. In general, they behaved like a couple in love, although according to rumors, in the continuation of the series, they may part.

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Another proof of their possible breakup was another shot from the filming of the series. On it, Parker is kissing the character of John Tenney. Whom he will play in the series is still unknown.

On the set, Sarah Jessica, and Chris appeared with the same looks as last month when they filmed the scene on the Pont des Arts in Paris. This time the shooting took place in Madison Square in New York.

The long-awaited series is scheduled to premiere in December. The fans of the series are divided into two camps: some are looking forward to the reboot with great impatience, and others are extremely skeptical, primarily due to the fact that it will not include Kim Cattrall, a very striking character.

In addition, the main characters of the series themselves faced criticism. There were a lot of discussions online about how much they have changed in 20 years.

In particular, Sarah Jessica Parker told Vogue that the actresses of the film were attacked by many misogynistic attacks regarding the appearance of the actresses.

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