Shawn Mendes explains why he appears less on social media after breaking up with Camila Cabello

It goes without saying that the split between Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello was one of the most unexpected in the past year, as they seemed like the perfect couple.

The star couple’s fans could not even imagine that their relationship would end so abruptly, but, in November, Sean and Camila made an official statement about their split after two years of romance.

It was the surprise effect of breaking the couple that became the reason that the fans of the couple are constantly looking for hidden meaning in each publication.

Recently on his Instagram account, Shawn Mendes posted a video where he talked about his new track “It’ll Be Okay”, which the singer released a few weeks after breaking up with Camila.

Shawn explained that he has stopped being active on social media as he is going through a difficult emotional period and is trying to focus on how to deal with this situation by creating new music.

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The singer’s fans actively supported his comments under the post and expressed their understanding.

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