Snoop Dogg Celebrates His 50th Birthday as He’s Gifted a Vintage Chevrolet Vonvertible

Snoop Dogg wore a tuxedo, top hat and fur coat to celebrate his 50th Birthday in style! Snoop was gifted a vintage Chevrolet convertible and was over the moon.

The classic car was gifted to Snoop Dogg with a big green bow on the front.

The car is a 1959 Chevrolet Impalas which is 210 inches long and 80 inches wide with a top speed of 93mph. 

Snoop’s convertible is a bronze copper colour and was shining under a spotlight as the rapper received his gift. 

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There were more than 300 guests attending his party being held in Los Angeles including Hollywood star Jamie Foxx, Usher, Nelly and T.I.

Snoop Dogg Celebrates His 50th Birthday
Photo: Backgrid
Snoop Dogg Celebrates His 50th Birthday
Photo: Backgrid

However Martha Stewart one of Snoop’s closest friends couldn’t make the party. But she took to her Instagram account to share a birthday message. She wrote in her caption: “Happy big 50 [email protected] @biclighter”

Martha Stewart
Instagram @marthastewart48

Before Snoop’s 50th Birthday bash the rapper treated himself to a Yellow and Purple mercury cougar with images of airbrushed on the car of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant of his beloved Lakers.

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