Snoop Dogg Makes an Exit After Partying at Cardi b’s Birthday Bash!

Snoop Dogg reps his famous ”Doggystyle’ album on his jacket as he makes an exit after partying at Cardi b’s birthday bash in Los Angeles.

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Recent reports suggest Snoop Dogg and Eminem are leaving the drama behind and coming together and teased an upcoming collaboration with Slim Shady.

Snoop Dogg
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WhileSnoop was talking with his fellow Mt. Westmore member Too $hort on Eminem’s Shade45 channel on SiriusXM, Snoop teased that Eminem is featured on an unreleased track.

“In everybody’s solo song, they was the last verse of the song before that, except the one with me and Eminem,” he said. “Because I felt like that was like a big reveal. When ni**as hear that Eminem on that motherfu**er, that’s just a whole ‘nother level.”

Snoop Dogg

Em and snoop had a brief fall out after Snoop did not list Eminem in his Top 10 list of MC’s which angered Eminem.

Snoop recently said that he and Eminem are cool and added: “We’re still friends. That’s family business and I don’t want to make it more than what it is,” he told Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

The unreleased track could appear on Snoop’s upcoming album Algorithm.

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