Stormi “saved” Kris Jenner From Commenting on Her Daughter Kim and Pete Davidson’s Relationship

On New Year’s Eve, Kris Jenner went live with CNN hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, who seized the opportunity to ask Kris about her daughter Kim Kardashian’s relationship with comedian Pete Davidson.

However, the 66 y.o. head of the Kardashian clan was saved from having to answer by her grandaughter Stormi.

“Everyone is talking about Kim’s new relationship with Pete Davidson. Have you had the chance to spend time with them? How are they as a couple? “ – Cohen asked during the live stream, catching Jenner by surprise.

And what do you think? It was at this moment that 3y.o. Stormi, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, appeared in the frame, and Kris, very beneficially for her, turned her attention to the girl.

“Hey, Stormi. You sit right here. Nice distraction! Good timing, Stormi. Perfect. Right on cue. “– Kris answered after all.

She also quickly added about her holiday plans: “Well, I go to bed at 9 o’clock, but we’ll be watching you guys and watching the ball drop. Thank you for having us, and lots of love to you all. “

There are active rumors about the romance of 41y.o. Kim Kardashian and 28-y.o. Pete Davidson after paparazzi photographed them holding hands in a California amusement park.

And in recent months, information has appeared in the media more than once that Kim and Pete continue to go on dates and spend time together.

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Also, information that Kim is actively promoting divorce proceedings with Kanye West, despite his requests for reunification, also “fueled” rumors about the new romance of the KUWTK star.

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