Supermodel Gigi Hadid sporting dyed red hair as she arrives in Milan during Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid was back to work after her daughter Khai’s first birthday celebrations as she was spotted arriving in Milan for Fashion Week on Wednesday. 

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The supermodel looked casual in a white tracksuit and cream cardigan as she arrived in Milan. 


Last week she showed her followers behind-the-scenes look at her daughter’s birthday celebrations on her Instagram Account.

Instagram @GigiHadid

The birthday party was attended by Gigi’s whole family, including pop star Dua Lipa and brother Anwar at her luxury apartment in New York.

Gigi Hadid shares her daughter with pop star Zayn Malik. In a recent interview just 10 weeks after the birth of her daughter, the supermodel revealed that she went without an epidural and ‘had to dig deep’ to get through the pain.

Instagram @GigiHadid

She added that her goal is to raise Khai in her family’s Pennsylvania home because of being surrounded by nature.

Instagram @GigiHadid

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