Supermodel Naomi Campbell Showed Her Baby Daughter for the First Time

51-year-old model Naomi Campbell showed the world her little daughter for the first time, appearing with her on the cover of the new issue of British Vogue, to which she spoke about how she feels as a mother.

Last spring, Naomi shocked her fans with the news that she has a daughter; the announcement came a few weeks after Campbell appeared on the Paris Fashion Week, while no one noticed her pregnancy.

However, now the model claims that the girl is not adopted while hiding her father’s name.

“She wasn’t adopted – she’s my child.”

Also, Naomi admitted that only very few people knew about her intention to become a mother:

“I can count on one hand the number of people who knew that I was having her … It’s the best thing I’ve ever done.”

The supermodel revealed some details about her nine-month-old daughter.

“I’m lucky my little one loves to travel like me – no whimpering taking off or landing. She’s a good girl: she sleeps very well, she hardly ever cries and I’m told she’s very alert for her age. She’s just started waving, which is fun. She laughs a lot. She’s almost talking,”

She also proudly admitted that such a difficult period of teething with children is going well for her.

“I think she might walk before she crawls. And she’s got six teeth already. Some grumbles through teething, then? “None! She’s a trooper. Truly a model baby. A supermodel’s model baby.”

Naomi’s friends, Cindy Crawford, and Christy Turlington were among the first to visit the star mom. The only one who hasn’t seen the girl yet is Linda Evangelista, known to be suing a company over a procedure that had a side effect.

Source: Vogue

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