Takeoff, Migos rapper, dead at 28

Takeoff was killed in an early-morning shooting in Houston, Texas. The rapper, whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was shot outside the front door of a downtown bowling alley. He was 28 years old.

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner confirmed the news in a press conference:

“This morning at 2:34 a.m. officers received a call of a shooting in progress. Officers arrived there shortly thereafter – a downtown location, Billiards & Bowling Alley. They came upon a male who was deceased. The male has been identified as Kirshnik Ball, better known as Takeoff. He’s a member of the Migos rap group, out of Atlanta.”

“I got many calls from Houston and outside of Houston,” Finner added. “And everyone spoke of what a great young man this is, how peaceful he is. What a great artist.”

Finner continued: “I spoke to this young man’s mother just an hour ago – she flew in here from out of town. I want everybody to understand the pain, the suffering of a mother. Very tough. And I told her, as we stand with any victim of violence or any homicide victim, their family, we stand with them in this city, in this police department. I want to thank our homicide unit under the direction of Commander Spears for doing great work, time and time again.”

“I ask that we all pray for his mother, his family, and all of his friends who are in deep pain and shock still right now. We have no reason to believe he was involved in anything criminal at the time. Peaceful, loving, great entertainer,” the chief finished.

The incident

Takeoff was at a private party, along with fellow Migos rapper Quavo, when an altercation broke out.

An officer from the homicide division elaborated the crime scene and urged any witnesses to come forward. So far, no suspects have been named.

“A private party that was booked out for the event – after that ended, a large group of people gathered at the front door area outside of the building, and that led to an argument where the shooting took place from the disagreement,” Stg. Michael Arrington explained.

“A lot of the people that were there fled the scene and did not stick around to give a statement. We’re asking them to either call us at the homicide division, or if they would  like to remain anonymous they can call CrimeStoppers. We’re looking for any information at this time – any videos, any information. We need all of y’all to send those to use so we can solve this case. We’re looking for anything to help us. We want to find justice for this family.”

Fans have alleged that Takeoff and Quavo were playing dice before the incident. The altercation that broke out was caused by the game.

Who was Takeoff

Takeoff was born in Lawrenceville, Georgia, in 1994. He was raised with Quavo, his uncle, by the latter’s mother. Takeoff and Quavo had a three year age difference. Takeoff began rapping from an early age. He was greatly inspired by Lil Wayne, Tupac, Biggie and Outkast.

In 2008, Takeoff, Quavo and Offset – Takeoff’s cousin – began rapping under the name Polo Club. In 2011, they released their first mixtape as Migos.

“Growing up, I was trying to make it in music. I was grinding, which is just what I loved doing,” Takeoff told the Fader in 2017. “Just making something and creating for me… I was getting my own pleasure out of it, because it’s what I liked doing. I’d wait for Quavo to get back from football practice and I’d play my songs for him.”

Takeoff, Quavo and Offset find success as Migos

Versace, Migos’ first mainstream hit was released in 2013. The song popularised the triplet flow, Migos’ signature rapid-fire cadence. The song caught Drake’s attention and he eventually went on to have a long-running association with all three members of the group.

Migos became widely known with their collaboration with Lil Uzi Vert, Bad and Boujee, which peaked at No 1 in the US. Motorsport featuring Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, and Walk It Talk It with Drake, also became very popular.

As a solo artist, Takeoff released on album back in 2018, The Last Rocket, which debuted at No 4 in the US. He also released one record as a duo along Quavo, Only Built for Infinity Links, which debuted last month.

Fans and friends respond to the news

Fans and friends headed to Twitter to express their condolences and to reminisce about Takeoff.

“I remember takeoff being a very down to earth, cool dude,” wrote boxer Chris Eubank Jr. “Can’t believe I’m having to say this again about another young Black star being killed for no reason, something really has to change in the industry.”

Gucci Mane, frequent collaborator of Migos, responded with “R.I.P.” while Ja Rule wrote that he was “sending love to friends and family.” Lloyd Banks called Takeoff “a very dope artist gone too soon” and Ugly God tweeted that Migos “changed the whole cadence of rap.”

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