Taylor Swift fan crashed his car into the front of her house in NY as he planned to talk to her

The incident took place on January 27 in New York.

A man drove a car into Taylor Swift’s house and got out of the car.

After that, the driver tore the intercom out of the door of the performer, but could not get inside. The man refused to leave the area until he saw the star. His plans were ruined due to detention by law enforcement officers.

According to TMZ, the man was drunk and was sent to the hospital for a psychological examination and a drug test, and then charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

Taylor Swift has not yet commented on this situation, and it is not even known if she was at home that day.

Addresses of Swift’s houses can be found on the Internet and the singer has repeatedly complained about the unceremonious behavior of fans who could come to her house.

Source: TMZ

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