Court’s Ruled to Remove Britney Spears’ Father From His Post of Conservatorship

A Los Angeles court suspended the conservatorship of James Spears, NBCNews reported.

Accountant John Zabela became the temporary conservator, who was chosen by the singer herself and her lawyer. Britney Spears was not present at the hearing.

It is expected that before the end of the year there will be another court, which will deliver the final verdict on conservatorship.

The popular pop singer came under the legal conservatorship of her father in 2008 – after she had a nervous breakdown due to her refusal to hand over the children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline. All this time, her father controlled all aspects of the singer’s life, including her finances and personal life.

Under the supervision of her father, Britney continued to work, releasing albums and participating in shows. Her father claimed that only thanks to his tutelage the singer manage to get out of debt and accumulate capital.

And Britney complained that her father was taking advantage of his position as a conservator for his own benefit. The real shock for fans was Britneys’ recent testimony in court about restrictions on her reproductive freedom.

In September 2021, amid litigation and public backlash, James Spears filed a motion to end custody of his daughter.

LA County Superior Court Justice Brenda Penny was given the opportunity to resolve the singer’s custody or request additional evidence before making a decision.

“This situation is unacceptable … This situation is toxic,” Penny said.

Penny has appointed accountant John Zabel as James Spears’ successor. Hearings to review the suspension and petition to end guardianship are scheduled for November 12.

At the moment, Britney Spears and her fiancé are enjoying their vacation after Asghari presented a diamond ring to Britney.

Asghari, the same as Britney, shared posts celebrating the victory in the #FreeBritney movement.

@britneyspears: “A beautiful day here in paradise celebrating”

@samasghari: “The power of the lioness!!!!! #freebritney”

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