The court wants to bring Kim Kardashian to justice for cryptocurrency ads

Kim Kardashian has been prosecuted on suspicion of cryptocurrency fraud, and Ethereum Max, which the star advertised, has been accused of misleading.

One of the victims, the company’s customers, purchased E-Max tokens in 2021 and filed complaints on his own behalf and on behalf of others who lost their money.

During the proceedings, it was alleged that Kim Kardashian “advised” millions of her followers on social networks to buy coins and sell them only when the price is high.

“Are you guys into crypto? This is not financial advice, but I sharing what my friends just told me about the Ethereum Max token! A few minutes ago, Ethereum Max 400 burned trillion tokens, which literally – 50% of their admin wallet giving back to the entire E-Max community.”

Kim Kardashian and crypto

This post she shared through her Instagram last June.

In turn, the representative of Ethereum Max said that all the accusations are false and do not correspond to the true state of affairs.

Following Kim Kardashian‘s posting of Ethereum Max, FCA chairman Charles Randell called cryptocurrencies “a speculative digital token created by an unknown developer.”

Source: Wall Street Journal

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