Where Is Tammy Slaton Now? Tammy’s Health Journey So far

Tammy Slaton, the undisputed star of the reality Tv series 1000 Lb Sisters, has been off the radar for some time now, leaving fans wondering what happened to the 36-year-old. The last time we heard, she was scheduled for bariatric surgery to help with her weight loss journey. Has the surgery been successful? What is Tammy Slaton up to? We’ve got all the juice for you, so be sure to read to the very end.

Update on Tammy Slaton’s Gastric Bypass Surgery

The last time we checked, Tammy Slaton was supposed to undergo bariatric surgery to help her shed some excess weight. Bariatric surgery is a group of procedures including gastric bypass surgery performed on people who are obese but can’t lose weight through conventional means. The whole process is designed to alter the hormones responsible for hunger and satisfaction so as to achieve significant weight loss.

According to the tabloids, the 1000 Lb Sisters star was preparing to undergo the surgery in the last week of July but sadly, she has not been approved for surgery after gaining weight during her recent stint at the rehab center.

This means that Tammy’s recent weight loss was a waste of time as she now has to start all over again. Her brother, Chris, however, has been approved for surgery. The difference between Chris and Tammy Slaton is that he had shown a lot of willpower to shed some fat while Tammy kept blaming everyone but herself for weight gain.

Where Is Tammy Slaton Now?

Fans are right to be worried about Tammy Slaton given her recent medical scare. A few weeks ago, Tammy appeared with a trachea tube indicating that she had difficulty breathing. Further checks revealed that the 36-year-old had checked into a rehab center after her lungs collapsed.

Tammy’s near-death experience meant she had to undergo a life-saving procedure to restore her health. She went into a medically induced coma as the doctors did all they can to save her life. Fortunately, the procedure was a success and Tammy swore to put in more effort in her weight loss journey.

Then the sad news came; TLC, the producers of the show, stopped paying the bills covering Tammy’s weight loss journey due to her attitude. Tammy Slaton struggled to pay her rent and eventually lost her house, according to her sister Amy.

In an interview, Amy said, “Tammy’s social security pays it” when asked how her sister afforded rent after TLC stopped paying the bills. She continued, “That’s why I hear she doesn’t have a place to live because she can’t afford the rent.”

Thankfully, TLC stepped in again and paid for her rehab and the reality TV star is back home again.

Tammy’s Close Shave With Death

Before the most recent medical scare, Tammy had a close shave with death one sunny morning in April 2015. It all began when the reality TV star woke up in an ambulance unable to breathe. The nurses rushed her to the ICU and after a frantic search for her veins, she was diagnosed with pneumonia.

The illness became serious forcing her into a coma for almost a month and was placed on life support. However, that was just the beginning, Tammy relapsed a few days later and this time her oxygen level dropped to 17.

When Tammy Lost 115 pounds

Fortunately, she recovered but she has had other health complications to battle with and her problems appear to have been exacerbated by food which is why she recently checked into a food addiction rehab facility.

The Ohio rehab facility has aided the TV star in her weight loss journey as she reportedly lost 115 pounds. Her brother, Chris, was happy with his sister’s rehab stay and expressed his excitement when he said, “I’m overjoyed that she’s ready to get on this train and start rolling down the tracks.”

1000 Lb Sisters

The TV reality series which airs on the TLC network follows the lives of two sisters Amy Slaton-Halterman and Tammy Slaton as they embark on their separate journeys to weight loss. The Slaton sisters reside in Dixon, Kentucky with their family who makes occasional appearances in the series.

Tammy Slaton and Her Family Are Gradually Becoming a Household Name

Just like The Kardashians, the cast of the 1000 Lb sisters has become part of the latest celeb trends. Many people have followed their lives from the first episode to the final episode of last season. 

There is A Growing Demand for Their Dresses and Accessories

Believe it or not, fans of the show are digging into the dresses and accessories Tammy Slaton and her family wear.

Interestingly, some websites have included their accessories in their list of the latest celebrity shopping trends. Thus, fans who admire the dresses that the cast of the 1000 Lb Sisters wear on set can easily get access to them.

And if you’re wondering where they get their dresses from, here’s the scoop: the sisters’ shop using their favorite store brands tools to get their choicest clothes.

When it comes to footwear, their favorite footwear brands select can be found on the TLC website including their bouquet and socks. You can also sign up for their weekly newsletter packed with exciting news about the 1000 Lb sisters on the website.

So far, 3 seasons have been shot and fans cannot wait for the 4th Season to cheer Tammy on her efforts to lose weight. Amy and her brother Chris, appear willing and ready to embark on a life-changing weight loss program while Tammy Slaton appears adamant.

When Amy Slaton-Halterman Discovered She Was Pregnant

In the first episode of the second season, Amy and her husband, Michael Halterman welcomed their first son, Gage Deon Halterman. In the episode titled “Life Altering News” Amy found out she was pregnant when she was being rushed to the emergency room.

The Curious Lump on Tammy Slaton’s Forehead

The Curious Lump on Tammy Slaton's Forehead

In one of the earlier episodes, fans noticed tammy’s face had a huge bulge on the forehead. Many started concluding with some fearing that it may be a cancerous growth. However, a visit to the doctor revealed that it was just fat and nothing dangerous.

According to Amy, “She just got so much fat on her body, it (came) out her forehead.” She further explained that the Doctor said Amy’s body had so much fat that the body had run out of space to store extra fat. 

So, that is what we know about Tammy Slaton’s whereabouts and her health updates. However, we will keep monitoring the sisters and bring you the latest news on their next move. To know more about your favorite celebrities, keep checking out this blog.

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