Who Is Lori Harvey Real Dad? The Truth Behind the Rumors

The debate never seems to die down as fans try to play Sherlock Holmes in identifying Lori Harvey’s biological father. A few names have been thrown about including Jim Townsend and Donnell Woods who were married to Marjorie Harvey (Lori Harvey’s mom) at one point in her life. So, who is Lori Harvey’s real dad? Keep reading to find out.

Who is Lori Harvey’s Biological Father?

The first name that usually comes up when discussing the paternity of Lori Harvey is Donnell Woods. He was married to Marjorie Harvey just around the same time that she conceived Lori Harvey. This is why most fans believe Lori Harvey to be the daughter of Woods.

Interestingly, neither Lori Harvey, Woods, or Marjorie Harvey have confirmed nor rubbish the rumors. If Donnell was not Lori’s biological father, don’t you think we deserve, at least, a statement from the Harvey’s to rubbish the rumors?

Who Is Donnell Woods?

Woods is an American of mixed parentage who started dating Lori’s mother Marjorie after she had split from her previous husband, Jim Townsend. Their union was blessed with three kids but Woods got arrested and prosecuted on drug-related charges. Reports indicate that he got into drugs at a very young age, probably as a means of survival – a habit he found difficult to kick when he got older.

Woods was found guilty and incarcerated and had all his properties seized including a club he co-owned with his then-wife, Marjorie. The club was later sold to NBA star, Isaiah Todd. Marjorie Harvey’s world came crashing down as she had three kids on her hands.

However, as mentioned earlier, another man, Jim Townsend, is rumored to be the biological father of Lori Harvey. In fact, some websites completely ignore Woods and only focus on Jim as Lori’s biological father.

Is Jim Townsend Lori Harvey’s Biological Dad?

Is Jim Townsend Lori Harvey's Biological Dad?
Jim Townsend

Jim has widely considered’s biological dad of Lori, though circumstances indicate the contrary. He married Marjorie Harvey in the 80s, however, the marriage hit the rocks when Townsend was convicted of drug peddling in 1992. Police reports narrate that Townsend was caught trying to purchase 40 kilos worth of cocaine.

His intention was to sell off the commodity and reap the profits. However, luck eluded him as the long arms of the law caught him and he was thrown behind bars for life. His relief came when former President Barack Obama granted him a presidential pardon in 2017.

Lori was born after Jim had spent 5 years in prison while Marjorie was dating Woods. That’s why many fans think it’s unlikely he is Lori’s father. Lori was born in 1997 while Townsend was incarcerated in 1992. However, Marjorie was still married to Townsend as at the time that he was incarcerated and only split from him around the time that Lori was born.

Steve Harvey Marries Marjorie

Comedian Steve Harvey met and married Marjorie in 2007 after enduring two unsuccessful marriages. First, he married Marcia Harvey in 1981 but the couple split in 1994 due to Steve’s constant traveling. The couple was blessed with twin daughters, Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey, and a son Broderick Harvey Jr.

Steve Harvey Marries Marjorie
Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey

Steve went on to marry Mary Shackelford in 1996 and the couple got a divorce in 2005 in a bitter affair that dragged on for years. The couple has a son named Wynton Harvey.

After Steve Harvey’s bitter divorce from Mary Shackleford, he met and married Marjorie in 2007 and the couple has been going strong. Steve adopted the three children of Marjorie; Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Lori Harvey.

Still, the identity of Lori Harvey’s father is up in the air and the debate will go on and on until either Lori or her mother, Marjorie, finally makes public the identity of Lori’s father.

What Has Lori Been Up to?

Lori Harvey started modeling at the tender age of 15 and has strutted the runway of notable fashion icons such as Dolce & Gabbana. The model was signed to Select Model Management in Europe and LA Model Management in the US. Lori is currently under the management of IMG models and WME.

In 2021, Harvey founded SKN by LH – a skincare company. She also collaborated with a clothing company to launch her own designs.

Harvey founded SKN by LH

Lori Harvey’s Relationships

Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter has been in numerous relationships over the years but none has worked out so far. She was linked with Trey Songz after she got engaged to soccer player Memphis Depay who plies his trade in Europe. Later, she was rumored to be dating Justin Combs but the couple broke up after just a few months.

She then ended up with Sean Combs, the father of Justin, but that too hit the rocks.

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She also dated Michael B. Jordan but broke up with him a few months later. 

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