Zayn Malik’s Family Supports Him Amid the Scandal With Yolanda Hadid

The scandal between Zane Malik and Gigi Hadid’s mother Yolanda hit the singer’s reputation pretty hard. As a reminder, he was charged with violent behavior towards Yolanda. Malik was sentenced to a probation period of 360 days and ordered to take an anger management course.

Despite the public condemnation, Malik’s family sided with him and asked him to return home to the UK, as they want to be by his side during this difficult period.

Zayn Malik's family supported him

According to an insider, the singer’s mother is especially worried.

Zayn Malik's family supported him

Malik did not dispute his guilt but denied the fact that he hit Gigi’s mother.

According to insiders, the first time tension in their relationship arose when Malik suspected Yolanda of leaking news about Gigi’s pregnancy to the media. The singer opposed flaunting his personal life, while Yolanda Hadid saw nothing wrong with publicity.

In a scandalous incident, Gigi sided with her mother and broke up with her boyfriend.

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Now the star couple will have to resolve the issue of custody of their one-year-old daughter Khai.

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