Zendaya and Tom Holland Relationship Timeline

Of all celebrity couples rumored or confirmed to have dated, Dune star Zendaya and Spiderman’s Tom have captured the hearts of all their fans. People began speculating about these two dating a few months after they cast in their first movie together. P to date, fans go crazy when they see the two share a moment. So, who are these two souls that have captured the hearts of all who meet them?

Today, we will give you a timeline of Tom and Zendaya’s relationship. Stick around and see whether the rumors are true and if they are still dating. Remember to like and sub to this channel and maybe, your relationship might gain the favor this one has!

Thomas Stanley Holland was born on 1st June 1996 in the town of Kingston upon Thames in England. His mother, Nicola Frost was a photographer, and his dad Dominic Holland was a comedian. He has three younger brothers and he is quite the role model. He studied at Donhead and then proceeded to Wimbledon College up until December 2012.

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From a young age, Tom always loved dancing and this made him a victim of bullying. Who bullies dancers at this age? He attended BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in Croydon. Did you know that Tom also attended carpentry school? This guy has some mad furniture skills.

Using his talent to his advantage, Holland started dancing in a hip hop class, and during a dance festival, he was noted by Peter Darling; the choreographer of Billy Elliot and Billy Elliot the Musical. 8 auditions and 2 subsequent years of training later, he landed his first role in Billy Elliot the Musical. The performance was excellent and positively received.

This is where he also learned gymnastics. Seems like these skills helped him a couple of years later when he landed a six-picture deal as part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. His first appearance as Spider-Man was in Captain America: Civil War in 2016. His talents and skills helped him earn a Guinness Book of World Records listing as the youngest actor to play a title role in the MCU.

As we are not here to display Tom’s achievements in the film industry, I’ll leave you with this; in an interview, this amazing character feels it is time for him to step out of the Spider-Man’s costume as he feels it would be wrong to play the character into his 30s. Guess we’ll have to see about that one as he is just 25 years old.

Moving on. Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born on 1st September 1996 in Oakland, California. Zendaya was born to teachers and is the last born with five older siblings. Her name, Zendaya, is derived from the Shona and means ‘give thanks’. And this beautiful woman has a lot to give thanks for! Growing up, Zendaya was a performer at the nearby California Shakespeare Theater in Orinda, California.

Like her partner, Zendaya also attended Oakland School for the Arts and she got some roles in several theaters. She began her career working as a fashion model for Macy’s, Mervyns, and Old Navy. Flash forward to her performing for various artists. In July 2017, Zendaya made her feature film debut as Michelle in the superhero film Spider-Man: Homecoming.


Zendaya appeared on the music video for the song ‘Versace on the Floor’ by Bruno Mars. Bet you didn’t know that! She also co-starred in the original musical The Greatest Showman with Zac Efron. Fans of the musical praised her chemistry with Efron and during the track ‘Rewrite the Stars’ Zendaya showcased her full potential. Not just as an actor, but as a singer and a dancer too.

In 2019, Zendaya starred in Euphoria as Rue, a 17-year-old drug addict. She is the youngest winner of the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series. We look forward to her numerous upcoming projects.

Now that you are all caught up, let us look at our title for this video. In case it wasn’t obvious, Zendaya and Holland met in 2016 on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming. At that time, Holland admits the two quickly became friends and Holland equates them as best friends. At this time, Holland had just risen to fame and was still very new to handling it.

He admits that Zendaya helped him so much since she was technically already famous. In 2017, the rumors officially started. During the Spider-Man press tour, fans and critics were quick to notice the chemistry the two displayed. A source revealed that the couple began dating as they were filming the movie and also revealed that they had gone on vacations together.

Now, I should mention that for a duo so famous and popular, these two have always tried to keep their love lives private. Zendaya has never admitted to seeing someone or having a boyfriend. It was therefore not surprising that Zendaya was quick to shut down those rumors. In a tweet, she reveals it had been ages since she had taken a vacation and asks Tom about it. Tom is as quick to respond asking whether the press tour counted.

Wow! Seems like Tom was just there waiting to respond! In 2018, Holland posts a picture of Zendaya in her 2018 Met Gala ensemble. He writes a caption ‘All hail the queen. Killing it mate. Hands up emoji’. Up to this time, the rumors are just that, rumors. No one can confirm for sure if the two are dating. Even those nosey paparazzi can’t seem to get anything out of these two.

In the year 2019-2020, new rumors emerge that Zendaya is dating her Euphoria costar Jacob Elordi. The two were spotted together on vacation in Greece. Whether this was true or not, Jacob did not stick around to confirm. By September 2020, he had moved on to Kaia Gerber.

Similarly, Tom Holland posts a picture of Nadia Parks on Instagram proving her as his official girlfriend. A source reveals that the two moved in together during the lockdown and it seems this decision has only made them stronger. Hold on to that thought, our story ain’t done yet!

In July 2021 comes a plot twist. From the looks of it, Holland and Parks are no more. This is quite a historic day for Zendaya and Holland’s worshippers, a day they will likely remember and tell their grandkids. The pair is photographed kissing in Holland’s car while stopped at a red light in Los Angeles! Let’s pause for a minute, this is huge.

To further confirm this, the two are spotted in the Silver Lake neighborhood with Zendaya’s mum. Fans on all social media platforms go bat shit crazy. Zendaya and Holland are trending worldwide with millions of memes circulating worldwide. One excited user says’ This is not a drill. I repeat this is not a drill’ in all caps. You can feel the heat this relationship emits to the world right there.

The couple is then photographed attending a friend’s wedding together. I’ll leave you to guess what the comments on that one were. Especially with Zendaya’s head lying sensually on Holland’s shoulders. That is my date, stay away everyone!

On September 1st, Zendaya’s birthday, Holland shares a mirror selfie of the couple on Instagram on the Spider-Man set. Holland is fooling no one and the fans just go crazy after seeing the caption that starts with ‘My MJ’.  He asks her to call him when she gets up and in what feels like an instant, she replies. Now, ‘My MJ’ starts trending on Twitter, and fans share their feelings about this unconfirmed couple.

All through the last quarter of 2021, people are looking for signs that the two are dating to no avail. Zendaya cheekily giggles when a costar names Holland as her biggest crush. Sadly, this is all fans get about this couple.

Well, until Tom decides to throw some grains at the numerous ducks at the pond. He reveals he is in a kind of, sort of, not really-relationship with Zendaya. He opens up by saying one great downside of fame is that privacy is forfeited and does not approve of how loving each other is a worldly affair. Have you met lovers Tom? People yell from rooftops, they want the whole world to know they are dating someone!

Tom refuses to address this relationship without Zendaya present saying it is their story, and they should let it out when they are ready. The couple is seen together during the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. On January 10, Siyon posts a picture of Euphoria cast hanging out and at the end, we see a guy standing behind Zendaya. As the person is not tagged, we bravely assume it was Holland visiting the set!

So, what do you think about the couple? Are they perfect for each other? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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